7inch HDMI LCD (C)

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7inch HDMI LCD (C)
Supports various systems
7inch-HDMI-LCD-C l.jpg

7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, HDMI interface, supports various systems
7inch HDMI LCD (C) (with bicolor case)

7inch HDMI LCD (C) + Bicolor case



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Category: OLEDs / LCDs, LCD, Raspberry Pi LCD
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Brand: Waveshare
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Onboard Interfaces
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Note: Some users may find that if they didn't set the config file at first time, then after modify it and reboot their pi, the LCD will flicker and has ghost problem. In this case, please power off the LCD and put it aside for several hours.(wait for the flickering and ghost disappear), and test it again. (please make sure you have set the corresponding resolution as the guide below before using). And you can also adjust the potentiometer on the backside for properly display


1024×600, 7 inch Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, HDMI interface, supports various systems



Backlight Control

Note: We don't recommend you to do any hardware modification, which may demages LCD if you are not good at it. So be careful when you following this manual

3D Drawings

LCD Panel Dimension



Since the first-generation Raspberry Pi released, Waveshare has been working on designing, developing, and producing various fantastic touch LCDs for the Pi. Unfortunately, there are quite a few pirated/knock-off products in the market. They're usually some poor copies of our early hardware revisions, and comes with none support service.

To avoid becoming a victim of pirated products, please pay attention to the following features when purchasing:


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Beware of knock-offs

Please note that we've found some poor copies of this item in the market. They are usually made of inferior materials and shipped without any testing.

You might be wondering if the one you're watching or you've purchased in other non-official stores is original, feel free to contact us.


Mail.png Contact your seller (fast response and most recommended)

or send emails to [email protected] (not fast enough but please be patient) for help.

Our working time: 09:00-18:00 (UTC+8 Monday to Saturday)