PiRacer Pro AI Kit

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PiRacer Pro AI Kit
PiRacer Pro AI Kit

Racing Robot Kit based on Raspberry Pi





This is a high-performance AI racing kit designed for Raspberry Pi. The expansion board integrates OLED, servo motor drive circuit, battery protection circuit, and so on, which does not need to solder the circuit, supports unloading charging, and does not need to repeatedly disassemble the battery. Fully upgraded chassis, front and rear axle differential lock, hydraulic shock absorber, four-wheel-drive independent suspension, carbon fiber chassis, and high-speed carbon brush motor. The software is fully compatible with the DonkeyCar open source project and supports functions such as deep learning, automatic driving, and automatic visual inspection.


  • Support four 2600mAh 18650 batteries (not included), two parallel and two series output currents are larger, and the motor power is stronger.
  • On-board HY2120 + AOD514 lithium battery protection circuit, with anti-overcharge, anti-over-discharge, anti-over-current, and short-circuit protection functions.
  • On-board FP5139 automatic buck-boost voltage regulator circuit can provide stable 5V voltage to Raspberry Pi.
  • On-board 0.91-inch 128 × 32 resolution OLED, real-time display of car IP address, memory, power, etc.
  • On-board AINA219 chip is convenient for real-time monitoring battery voltage and charging current.


Guide of DonkeyCar


Development Resource


Support three 18650 batteries (not included), that is, the direct size is 18mm and the length is 65mm. The standard voltage of a single cell is generally 3.7V, and the fully charged voltage is generally 4.2V.



The size of the Piracer Pro is 25.5*14*21.5cm and the wheelbase is about 174.1mm.



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