DonkeyCar for Pi-Teleoperation

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Guide of DonkeyCar


Open file ~/mycar/ and find the blow part. Check if the CONTROLLER_TYPE is set as Xbox
DonkeyCar for Jetson Nano 5-1.png.png
Connect the USB adapter of Gamepad to Raspberry Pi
Open a terminal and run the following commands:
cd ~/mycar
python drive --js
If you want to enable the gamepad control by default, you can modify the file, set USE_JOYSTICK_AS_DEFAULT to True.
  • Left joystick - Turn left/right
  • Right joystick - Speed up (push-up)
  • Right joystick - Speed down (pull-down twice)
  • It will auto-record the driving data if the throttle is not 0
  • Triangle - Speed up
  • X - Speed down