DonkeyCar for Pi-Train Data

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Guide of DonkeyCar

Train Data

In a new terminal session on your host PC use rsync to copy your cars folder from the Raspberry P
rsync -rv --progress --partial pi@<your_pi_ip_address>:~/mycar/data/  ~/mycar/data/

Train model

In the same terminal you can now run the training script on the latest tub by passing the path to that tub as an argument. You can optionally pass path masks, such as ./data/* or ./data/tub_?_17-08-28 to gather multiple tubs. For example:
python ~/mycar/ train --tub <tub folder names comma separated> --model ./models/mypilot.h5
DonkeyCar for Jetson Nano 7-1.png
It will cost a long time to train a model, please be patient.
After training, you can get a model, you need to copy the module to your raspberry Pi and test it.
rsync -rv --show-progress --partial ~/mycar/models/ pi@<your_ip_address>:~/mycar/models/