PiRacer AI Kit

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PiRacer AI Kit
PiRacer AI Kit

Racing Robot Kit base on Raspberry Pi





PiRacer DonkeyCar — AI Autonomous Racing Robot Powered by Raspberry Pi 4, Deep Learning, Self Driving.


  • Support three 2600mAh 18650 batteries (not included), up to 12.6V voltage output, and stronger motor power.
  • On-board lithium battery protection circuit with anti-overcharge, anti-over-discharge, anti-over-current, and short-circuit protection functions.
  • On-board voltage regulator chip, which can provide stable 5V voltage to Raspberry Pi.
  • The onboard motor driver chip can drive the left and right motors to work.
  • Onboard 0.91-inch 128 × 32 resolution OLED, real-time display of car IP address, memory, power, etc.
  • The onboard ADS1115 AD acquisition chip is convenient for real-time monitoring of battery power.



Guide of DonkeyCar



Support three 18650 batteries (not included), that is, the direct size is 18mm and the length is 65mm. The standard voltage of a single cell is generally 3.7V, and the fully charged voltage is generally 4.2V.


Length: 240mm, width: 196mm, height: 130mm.



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