DonkeyCar for Jetson Nano-Train Data

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Guides of DonkeyCar

Train data

  • In a new terminal session on your host PC use rsync to copy your cars folder from the Jetson Nano.
rsync -rv --show-progress --partial [email protected]<your_ip_address>:~/mycar/data/  ~/mycar/data/

<your_ip_address> should be the IP address of your Jetson Nano

  • Train model
python ~/mycar/ train --tub <tub folder names comma separated> --model ./models/mypilot.h5

You should change the <tub folder names comma separated> to the correct path, for example, ./data/* or ./data/tub_?_20-01-18

  • Use rsync again to move your trained model pilot back to your car.

rsync -rv --show-progress --partial ~/mycar/models/ [email protected]<your_ip_address>:~/mycar/models/