DonkeyCar for Jetson Nano-Calibrate DonkeyCar

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Guides of DonkeyCar

Calibrate the DonkeyCar

  • Open terminal and run the following commands to calibrarte matel gear servo
donkey calibrate --channel 0 --bus=1
  • Input 360, at this time, you should see the rotation of many servos. If there is no rotation, input 400 or 300 and try it.

DonkeyCar for Jetson Nano 4-3.png.png

  • Slowly adjust from the initial value, so that the servo turns to the middle position, and click the current value a few times. For example 330. This value +/- 100 will give roughly the left and right values 230 and 430.
  • Enter these two values to see if the servo can turn to the corresponding position. If it cannot be turned to the corresponding position, it may be that the initial angle of the servo is not 90 degrees during assembly. Loosen the screw of the servo and turn the servo to 90 degrees (for example, input the position of 360), and then install the servo. Find the following section in the file and change the values of STEERING_LEFT_PWM and STEERING_RIGHT_PWM to the actual calibrated values.

DonkeyCar for Jetson Nano 4-6.png.png