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Onboard Interfaces
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Working with windows

1. Download and install u-centersoftware, then open the u-center
2. Set the jumpers in A area, connect GNSS antenna,Put the receiver of the antenna in an open area outside for receive GPS signal, Connect the Module to PC by Micro USB cable
3. Note that you need to set the side of the antenna without sticker upward, check the COM port in Device Manager. Use the u-center to connect MAX-M8Q by select the COM port and select auto baud rate.
4. Enable 3D mode and export the file by selecting File -> Database Export -> Google Map Html.
5. Download Text_Release software and unzip. Open the file by Chrome, then import the HTML file which we saved above to check the position.
6. For detailed information about the u-center software, please refer to User guide MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 002.jpg MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 003.jpg MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 005.jpg MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 004.jpg

Working with RaspberryPi

Hardware connection

MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 007.jpg

PIN Raspberry Pi(BCM) Raspberry Pi(WiringPi) Description
5V - - 5V Power input
GND - - Ground
RXD P14 P15 Receive pin of UART
TXD P15 P16 Transmit pin of UART
SDA P2 P8 SDA pin of I2C
SCL P3 P9 SCL pin of I2C
PPS P18 P1 PPS pin of Module
INT P27 P2 Wakeup pin, low active

Enable UART interface

Open a terminal and run the following commands

sudo raspi-config
#Choose Interfacing Options -> Serial -> No -> Yes
sudo reboot

L76X GPS Module rpi serial.png

Libraries installation

  • Install wiringPi
sudo apt-get install wiringpi
sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb
gpio -v
# Check the revision of libraries, it should be 2.52.
  • Install Python libraries
sudo apt-get update
sudo pip install RPi.GPIO
sudo apt-get install python-serial
sudo apt-get install gpsd gpsd-clients python-gps
  • Modify gpsd
#Open gpsd file
sudo nano /etc/default/gpsd
#Change the lines below and save
  • Donwload demo codes
mkdir ~/Documents/MAX-XXX_GNSS_HAT_Code
cd ~/Documents/MAX-XXX_GNSS_HAT_Code/

wiring Example


python Examples

Enter the folded rand run the following commands:

cd ~/Documents/MAX-XXX_GNSS_HAT_Code/RaspberryPi/python/coordinate_converter
sudo python3

MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 006.jpg

Working with STM32

Hardware connection

MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 008.jpg

PIN XNUCLEO-F103RB Description
5V - 5V power input
GND GND Ground
RXD P9(TX) Receive pin of UART
TXD P10(RX) Transmit pin of UART

HAL examples

  • Download the demo codes
  • Unzip and go into the directory of STM32 example
  • Open the STM32 project by Keil software
  • Compile and download the code to the XNUCLEO-F103RB board.
  • Connect the UART2 of the XNUCLEO-F103RB board to PC and check the debug information by Serial Port Utility

MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 009.jpg

Working with Arduino


Expected result

1. Cloudy day

MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 013.jpg<br\> MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 014.jpg
MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 015.jpg

2. Rain day

MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 010.jpg
MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 011.jpg
MAX-M8Q GNSS HAT 012.jpg


Demo codes


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