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JetBot User Guide


  • JupyterLab is the next-generation web-based user interface of Project Jupyter, which can debug the robot online in the form of documents. For more operation details, you can click the official website to learn

Step 1: Log in JupyterLab

  • Enter http://<jetbot_ip_address>:8888 in the browser address bar to connect to the car, where jetbot_ip_address is the ip displayed by jetson nano [note to remove the "<>" on both sides of the ip].
  • Note: Some browsers may not be able to open the web page, it is recommended to use Google or Firefox browser.
  • Click "jetbot-->notebooks-->basic_motion" to open the script that drives the motor.

Log in JupyterLab01.png

  • Each of these code blocks can be run independently; you can click the "triangle" or press "shift+enter" to run it independently.

Log in JupyterLab02.png