5.83inch e-Paper HAT (C)

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5.83inch e-Paper (C)
alt=5.83inch  e-Paper

600 × 448, 5.83inch E-Ink display raw panel
5.83inch e-Paper HAT (C)

600 × 448, 5.83inch E-Ink display HAT for Raspberry Pi, three-color, SPI interface



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Category: OLEDs / LCDs, LCD
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Brand: Waveshare
International: Waveshare website
Chinese: 官方中文站点
Onboard Interfaces
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Note: Besides the display color, this e-paper is same as the 5.83inch e-Paper HAT (B), for information and instructions, you can refer to the wiki page of 5.83inch e-Paper HAT (B).