ST25R3911B NFC Board

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ST25R3911B NFC Board

ST25R3911B NFC Development Kit
NFC Reader
AT32F413RBT7 Controller, Multi NFC Protocols






This is an NFC development kit based on ST25R3911B, with an AT32F413RBT7 controller, OLED display, user buttons, and common user interfaces. It is your ideal choice for learning and developing NFC applications.

Multiple NFC protocols are supported by the kit, with up to 1.4w output power, and a low-power capacitive wake-up function. It suits applications that require high RF performance, flexibility, and low power consumption, such as access control, ticketing, industry, medical treatment, consumer product, and so on.


  • Multi protocols support ISO18092, ISO14443A, ISO14443B , ISO15693, FeliCa™.
  • Differential antenna design, output power up to 1.4W, longer sensing distance.
  • Embedded low-power capacitive sensor, allows sensing and capacitive wake-up, detecting the nearby card without enabling the magnetic field of the reader.
  • AT32F413RBT7 controller, easy for learning, evaluating, or direct integration, needs no other external controller.
  • 1.3" OLED display, allows visual operation.
  • Onboard SRAM, additional space to the inner RAM.
  • Micro SD slot, supports external TF card for storing data to be transferred via NFC.
  • 4 x buttons, 2 x user indicators, convenient for debugging.
  • Onboard programming interface, UART debugging interface, breakout all the unused IO pins for connecting other user peripherals.
  • Customized acrylic case, protective and dust-proof, better looking.
  • Comes with development resources and a manual.


  • NFC chip: ST25R3911B
  • Operating frequency: 13.56MHz
  • Output power: 1.4W (max)
  • Communication interface: SPI
  • Protocol support:
    • ISO18092 (NFCIP-1) active P2P
    • ISO14443A, ISO14443B, and FeliCa™
    • ISO15693
  • Other customized protocols (like MIFARE™ Classic)
  • Power supply voltage: 5V

User Guide

The demo codes we provide are based on the official ST25R3911B SDK of ST.
The controller of the ST25R3911B NFC Board is the STM32F103RBT6, examples are built and compiled by Keil. To modify the codes you need to download and install the MDK-Arm(Keil)
The ST25R3911B NFC was programmed with NFC e-Paper demo in the factory, you can just power on it and use it. If you want to update the codes or change it, you will need an ST-Link programmer and following the programming guides.

Programming the Demo codes

  • The reader has already been burned in the program at the factory. If you don't want to modify the program by yourself, you can skip the program download and test it directly.
  • ST25R3911 NFC Board (NFC Board for short) provides an SW download interface, through which the user can connect the downloader to download the program to the driver board.
  • After downloading the program, connect the Micro USB interface of the reader to the PC with a Micro USB cable.


  • The demo combines two functions, one is used to read NFC id and another is to update NFC-Powered e-Paper.
  • After programming, connect the micro USB of the NFC board to the 5V power adapter.
  • Power on the NFC board and the OLED will display the "NFC reading test' below.
  • Download the SSCOM software and open it.
  • Connect the USB interface of the NFC board to the PC with a micro USB cable.
  • Configure the COM port (refer to Device Manager) and set the baud rate to 115200 and open it.
  • Then you can close the NFC board to any NFC tag for testing.
St25r3911b nfc board manual2.png

Update NFC-Powered e-Paper

  • Refer to the Made bmp file for e-Paper to make a picture for NFC-powered.
  • Copy pictures to TF card (recommend 16G) and insert the TF card into ST25R3911B NFC Board.
  • Connect the 5V power adapter to the USB interface of the NFC Board.
  • Select the function by buttons, and choose "Update E-paper Demo".
  • Select the type of e-Paper according to the one you have.
  • Select the picture for updating, note that the resolution of the picture should be the same as the e-Paper's.
  • Confirm it.
  • Put the Reader on the display for updating.
  • Wait for updates.
  • If the display fails to update, please put away the NFC reader and try it again.
ST25R3911B NFC Board 12.png

【Note】Due to the limited communicating distance of NFC, please do not move the device when updating.



Demo codes



Technical Support

If you need technical support or have any feedback/review, please click the Submit Now button to submit a ticket, Our support team will check and reply to you within 1 to 2 working days. Please be patient as we make every effort to help you to resolve the issue.
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