PICkit 5

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PICkit 5
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PIC Downloader/Debugger






Adapter Schematic






Method 1: Click to view directly: https://files.waveshare.com/wiki/PICkit-5/PICkit5-Device_Support.pdf
Method 2: If MPLAB X IDE is installed on the computer, open "docs" under the installation path and open "Device Support.htm", or directly download and unzip it from the following link and open it for viewing: http://www.microchip.com/mplabx -ide-release-notes.
Method 3: Log on to the microchip's official website: www.microchip.com.
Search chip: PIC24F16KA102T
In the found chip page, pull down to find "Development Tools", and check whether there is PICkit3 in Programmers or Debuggers. If there is, it supports the corresponding programming or emulation functions. See the figure below for details.
PICkit 4.png
PS: Also pay attention to the text description below the searched list, some chips need an external adapter to be used for programming or emulation.

  • Possible issues: faulty program or fuse bit setting;
  • Solution: Download the sample demo Open16F877A.



It is suggested to use the latest version of MPLAB X IDE for testing. If not, you can install PICkit3 to program, and then switch back to MPLAB Mode and write in MPLAB X IDE software.



It may be because the firmware and software versions of the downloader do not match, you can install PICkit3 v3.10.
Try programming, then switch back to MPLAB Mode, and then program in MPLAB X IDE software.


Possible issues: poor contact, version firmware problems, original ones can refer to the above method.

  • Possible problem: the external power supply and the power supply of the downloader are inconsistent;
  • Solution: The downloader is set to provide an external power supply, and the target board should not be connected to an external power supply. If it is connected to Waveshare's Open16F877A or Open18F4520, it is recommended to set the output voltage to 3.3V.


Possible problem: The sample program is generated with MPLAB IDE v8 software and PICC compiler. It may be ported to MPLAB X IDE using other compilers, and additional configuration bits need to be set.
Workaround: Check the configuration bits, and check the compiler.
Ideas: Reference Links:
MPLAB IDE: http://embeddedooo.blogspot.com/2017/07/pic-microcontroller-configuration-bits.html
MPLAB X IDE: https://microchipdeveloper.com/mplabx:view-and-set-configuration-bits
PICkit 402.jpg


Possible issues: The hardware is connected incorrectly, or the software is abnormally interrupted during the process of burning or upgrading the firmware, resulting in the loss of the firmware, or it may be a hardware failure.
Solution: If the firmware is missing, you can refer to the link operation:
https://www.microchip.com/forums/m1056141.aspx PICkit 403.jpg
For more details, you can refer to https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/50002751F.pdf (P33~34)


Technical Support

If you need technical support or have any feedback/review, please click the Submit Now button to submit a ticket, Our support team will check and reply to you within 1 to 2 working days. Please be patient as we make every effort to help you to resolve the issue.
Working Time: 9 AM - 6 PM GMT+8 (Monday to Friday)