PICkit 5 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer, Programmer-to-Go support, Type-C port, Supports MPLAB, Card Programmer

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PICkit 5 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer, Programmer-to-Go support, Type-C port, Supports MPLAB, Card Programmer
Microchip Official PICkit 5

In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer, with Programmer-to-Go support

New version debugger with upgraded functions, Supports MPLAB

PICkit 5 with accessories, front view
Product Description

The PICkit 5 is the new powerful debugging and programming tool released by Microchip, which enables quick debugging and programming for Microchip devices, including PIC MCUs and dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs), AVR and SAM MCUs and Arm Cortex-based microprocessors (MPUs).

Compared to the PICkit 4, it can be used stand-alone with the MPLAB Programmer-to-Go (PTG) mobile app, allowing you to connect to the tool from your smartphone via Bluetooth for easier and more flexible visual offline programming operations. It is capable of providing up to 150mA to the target board via the onboard USB Type-C port.

Compared to the PICkit 3, it offers faster programming speed, supports a wider range of operation voltage, with more debugging interfaces.

Supports Programmer-to-Go (PTG), with an additional MicroSDHC card slot and the ability to be self-powered from the target means you can take your code with you and program on the go, and never worry about the code size.

  • Connects to computer via a USB Type-C cable
  • Powered through USB cable or target and can optionally power target (up to 150 mA)
  • Supports powering from the target board (2.7V~5.5V)
  • Onboard 8pin SIL programming connector, supports ICSP, JTAG, SWD, UART VCP
  • Programs devices using MPLAB X IDE or MPLAB IPE
  • Supports Programmer-To-Go (PTG) to field program devices
  • Supports MPLAB PTG iOS/Android app used to select and manage PTG program images via Bluetooth
  • Supports Virtual Comm Port (VCOM)
  • Supports multiple hardware and software breakpoints, allows setting stopwatch and monitoring variables and internal file registers. Supports debugging in real-time and at full device operational speed
  • Supports new devices and features through new/updated packs in MPLAB X IDE or MPLAB IPE
  • Indicates debugger status via indicator light strip
  • CE and RoHS compliant

Note: MPLAB X IDE (v6.10 or greater) must be installed for PICkit 5; For using Programmer-to-Go function, the MPLAB PTG software needs to be installed on your smartphone, and a 16GB TF Card is also included for your convenience to hold the program files.

Hardware Support

The MPLAB PICkit 5 In-Circuit Debugger allows fast and easy debugging and programming of Microchip devices using the powerful graphical user interface of MPLAB X IDE or MPLAB IPE. Supported devices include:

  • PIC® and AVR® microcontrollers (MCUs)
  • dsPIC® digital signal controllers (DSCs)
  • SAM (Arm® Cortex®-based) MCUs and microprocessors (MPUs)
  • CEC (Arm® Cortex®-based) MCUs

see the Device Support List for specific PICkit 5 device support

Software Support

Supports MPLAB X IDE v6.10 or greater, compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux systems

How to Use

1. Install the MPLAB X IDE v6.10 or greater on your computer

2. Connect to Target Device

  • Connect the PICkit 5 to the computer using the USB Type-C cable.
  • Attach the communication cable between the debugger and target board.
  • Connect external power to target board.

Connection Method One

Typical Debugger System - Device with On-Board Debug Circuitry

PICkit 5 connection methon one

Connection Method Two

Alternative Debugger System - ICE Device

PICkit 5 connection methon two

3. Create, Build and Run Project

Using MPLAB X IDE software to program and emulate

MPLAB X IDE software

How to use Programmer-to-Go function: Install the TF card ( FAT32 format) to PICkit 5 and select Programmer To Go mode on MPLAB X IDE software, download the project files to the TF card.
Then install the MPLAB PTG App on your smartphone and connect the programmer via Bluetooth. Choose the corresponding image to program onto the target board.

PICkit 5 Programmer-to-Go function demo
Interface Introduction
PICkit 5 interface introduction

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