IMX477 12.3MP Camera

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IMX477 12.3MP Camera
IMX477 12.3MP Camera




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MIPI-CSI Camera, based on Sony IMX477 sensor, 1230M pixels. Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module series and Jetson Nano developer Kit.

Specification of Lens

Lens 6mm-Wide-Angle-Lens-for-Pi-1.jpg
6mm Wide Angle Lens
16mm Telephoto Lens
25mm Telephoto Lens
35mm Telephoto Lens
8-50mm Zoom Lens
Size 1/2" 1" 2/3" 1" 1/2.3"
F/No F1.2 F1.4-16 F1.4-16 F1.7-16 F1.4
Connector CS-mount C-mount
FoV 63° 1″ 44.6° × 33.6°
2/3″ 30.0° × 23.2°
1/1.8″ 24.7° × 18.6°
1/2″ 21.8° ×16.4°
2/3" 20.2°×15.1°
1/1.8″ 16.5°×12.4°
1/2″ 14.5°×10.5°
1″ 20.9°×15.8°
2/3″ 14.4°×10.8°
1/2″ 10.5°×7.9°
BFL 7.53mm 17.53mm
TTL - 67.53mm -
Distortion - 1″(-0.7%)
0.05% 0.35% -
M.O.D. 0.20m 0.20m 0.25m 0.30m 0.20m
Dimenstion Φ30.00 × 34.00mm Φ39.00 × 50.00mm Φ34.00×34.00mm Φ35.00×34.00mm Φ40.00×68.30mm
Aperature Manual
Weight 53g 133.7g 82g 78g 148g


IMX477 12.3MP Camera can only support Raspberry Pi Compute Module series, it cannot be used with Raspberry Pi boards like Raspberry Pi Model 4B.
IMX477 12.3MP Camera can be used with Jetson Nano Developer Kit, if you want to use it with Jetson Nano, you need to install driver. Please backup your OS before you install driver,because the driver is not suitable for IMX219.

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