3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C)

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3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C)

3.2 inch 320*240 DOTS Multicolor Graphic LCD, with touch screen and stand-alone controllers




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Category: LCD, OLEDs / LCDs
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Brand: Waveshare
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Onboard Interfaces
8080 SPI + 16BIT LCD32
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3.2 inch 320*240 DOTS Multicolor Graphic LCD, with touch screen and stand-alone controllers




Parameters of the LCD?
  • LCD power supply: 2.5V~3.3V
  • Back light power supply: 4.5V~5V
  • Average working current of the back light: 150mA
  • Average working current of the LCD panel: 15mA

What's the difference between 3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C) and the older 3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (A)?

The same:

  • Pin mapping and resolution are the same.

The difference:

  • The LCD controller of 3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (A) is SSD1289
  • The LCD controller of 3.2inch 320x240 Touch LCD (C) is ILI9325

Is the program for type (A) compatible with type (C)?

Although the pin mapping is the same, you have to use the newer program for type (C) LCDs.

The LCD shows abnormal image, how to solve this problem?
  • The Grmma value may differ depending on batch, so the initialization statements of the demo may be unsuitable for some LCDs. You can try the following init code:
if( DeviceCode == 0x9325 || DeviceCode == 0x9328 ) 
        LCD_Code = ILI9325;
        LCD_WriteReg(0xE5, 0x78F0); /* set SRAM internal timing */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x01, 0x0100); /* set Driver Output Control */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x02, 0x0700); /* set 1 line inversion */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x03, 0x1030); /* set GRAM write direction and BGR=1 */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x04, 0x0000); /* Resize register */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x08, 0x0207); /* set the back porch and front porch */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x09, 0x0000); /* set non-display area refresh cycle ISC[3:0] */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x0A, 0x0000); /* FMARK function */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x0C, 0x0000); /* RGB interface setting */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x0D, 0x0000); /* Frame marker Position */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x0F, 0x0000); /* RGB interface polarity */
        /*************Power On sequence ****************/
        LCD_WriteReg(0x10, 0x0000); /* SAP, BT[3:0], AP, DSTB, SLP, STB */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x11, 0x0007); /* DC1[2:0], DC0[2:0], VC[2:0] */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x12, 0x0000); /* VREG1OUT voltage */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x13, 0x0000); /* VDV[4:0] for VCOM amplitude */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x07, 0x0001);
        /* Dis-charge capacitor power voltage */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x10, 0x1090); /* SAP, BT[3:0], AP, DSTB, SLP, STB */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x11, 0x0227); /* Set DC1[2:0], DC0[2:0], VC[2:0] */
        delay_ms(50);                          /* Delay 50ms */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x12, 0x001F); 
        delay_ms(50);                          /* Delay 50ms */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x13, 0x1500); /* VDV[4:0] for VCOM amplitude */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x29, 0x0027); /* 04 VCM[5:0] for VCOMH */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x2B, 0x000D); /* Set Frame Rate */
        delay_ms(50);                          /* Delay 50ms */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x20, 0x0000); /* GRAM horizontal Address */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x21, 0x0000); /* GRAM Vertical Address */
        /* ----------- Adjust the Gamma Curve ---------- */
#if 1   /* the Gamma value may differ depending on batch, there are 3 groups for reference */
	LCD_WriteReg(0x30, 0x0000);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x31, 0x0603);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x32, 0x0206);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x35, 0x0206);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x36, 0x0004);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x37, 0x0105);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x38, 0x0401);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x39, 0x0707);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x3C, 0x0602);
	LCD_WriteReg(0x3D, 0x0004);
#if 0
        LCD_WriteReg(0x30, 0x0000);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x31, 0x0707);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x32, 0x0307);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x35, 0x0200);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x36, 0x0008);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x37, 0x0004);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x38, 0x0000);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x39, 0x0707);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x3C, 0x0002);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x3D, 0x1D04);
#if 0		
        /* ------------------ Set GRAM area --------------- */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x50, 0x0000); /* Horizontal GRAM Start Address */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x51, 0x00EF); /* Horizontal GRAM End Address */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x52, 0x0000); /* Vertical GRAM Start Address */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x53, 0x013F); /* Vertical GRAM Start Address */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x60, 0xA700); /* Gate Scan Line */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x61, 0x0001); /* NDL,VLE, REV */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x6A, 0x0000); /* set scrolling line */
        /* -------------- Partial Display Control --------- */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x80, 0x0000);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x81, 0x0000);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x82, 0x0000);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x83, 0x0000);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x84, 0x0000);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x85, 0x0000);
        /* -------------- Panel Control ------------------- */
        LCD_WriteReg(0x90, 0x0010);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x92, 0x0600);
        LCD_WriteReg(0x07, 0x0133); /* 262K color and display ON */


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