2.3kg Serial Bus Servo, Two-way Feedback, Servo/Motor Mode Switchable, Compact Size, 300° Rotation Angle

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Part Number: SC09 Servo
Brand: Waveshare


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2.3kg Serial Bus Servo, Two-way Feedback, Servo/Motor Mode Switchable, Compact Size, 300° Rotation Angle
2.3kg serial bus servo

2.3kg.cm torque, compact size, multiple control modes support

PRODUCT TYPE SC09 serial bus servo TORQUE 2.3kg.cm@6V
ROTATION ANGLE 300° (0~1024) Rated torque 0.7kg.cm@6V
GEAR High precision metal gear Motor Type Iron core motor
Bearing type sliding bearing Output shaft 20T/OD3.95mm
Encoder TYPE Carbon film potentiometer Control signal Digital signal
Protocol type Half duplex asynchronous serial communication Baud rate 38400bps~1Mbps
ID RANGE 0 ~ 253 center position 150° (511)
Storage temperature -30℃~80℃ Operating temperature -15℃~70℃
Dimensions 23.2×12.0×25.5mm Servo cable length 15cm
FEEDBACK Position, Load, Speed, Input Voltage

Application Examples
  • Servos will provide various feedback like position, load, speed, input voltage for advanced projects requiring closed-loop automatic control.
  • Ideal choice for building quadruped robots, hexapod walkers, robotic arms and other robotic projects requiring multiple servos.

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UART Serial Bus Control

Allows controlling up to 253 serial bus servos at the same time

Note: One channel UART can control up to 253 bus servos, but due to the high power of the servos, it is necessary to consider whether the power supply solution is enough when using too many servos. For reference only, the servo driver board is NOT included

300° rotation angle

allows angular control within the range of 300° in Servo mode

High precision copper and steel gears

Ingenious combination of the two, lower operating noise, better stability and mechanical performance

Two-Way Feedback

The Servos Will Provide Various Feedback Like Position, Load, Speed,
And Input Voltage In Real Time

* images here are for reference ONLY

Dual Modes: Servo Or Motor

precise rotation angle control on servo mode

continuous rotation on motor mode

Open Source Control Program

We provide the open-source web control demo of the servo driver board and a secondary development tutorial, which can be directly used for remote setting and remote control of the servo. At the same time, we also provide a 3D model for you to build your own project quickly

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Product Selection
Product Voltage Control Method Precision NO-LOAD SPEED Continuous Rotation LOCKED-ROTOR TORQUE * LOCKED-ROTOR CURRENT Range Feedback
WP90 4.8 ~ 7.4 PWM ≤2° 0.1sec/60° - 2.3kg.cm 1.0A 180° -
SC09 4.8 ~ 8.4 TTL 300°/1024 0.1sec/60° 2.3kg.cm 1.0A 300°
SC15 4.8 ~ 8.4 TTL 180° / 1024 0.16 sec / 60° 15kg.cm 1.5A 180°
ST3020 6 ~ 14.0 TTL 360° / 4096 0.167sec / 60° 25kg.cm 2.7A 360°
ST3215 6 ~ 12.6 TTL 360° / 4096 0.222 sec / 60° 30kg.cm 2.7A 360°
ST3025 6 ~ 12.6 TTL 360° / 4096 0.117sec / 60° 40kg.cm 4.4A 360°
ST3235 6 ~ 12.6 TTL 360° / 4096 0.222sec/60° 30kg.cm 2.7A 360°
RSBL45-24 9.0 ~ 24.0 RS485 360° / 4096 0.142sec/60° 45kg.cm 2.3A 360°
RSBL85-12 9.0 ~ 12.0 RS485 360° / 4096 0.167sec/60° 85kg.cm 7.9A 360°
RSBL85-24 9.0 ~ 24.0 RS485 360° / 4096 0.154sec/60° 85kg.cm 5.6A 360°
RSBL120-24 9.0 ~ 24.0 RS485 360° / 4096 0.2sec/60° 120kg.cm 4A 360°

* the Locked-rotor torque is measured at the typical voltage of each servo, please refer to the documentation in the wiki for more details

Weight: 0.021 kg

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