Dual Fan Case for Raspberry Pi 4, Dull-Polish Surface

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Part Number: PI4-CASE-G



Dual fan Case for Raspberry Pi 4, Dull-polish surface
Dual fan Case for Raspberry Pi 4

Sleek chamfer design, with dual cooling fan

* the micro SD card SHOULD have been inserted before installing the case.
powerful dual fan inside

combined with the aluminum body, better heat dissipation

for reference only, Raspberry Pi 4 is NOT included.
Dull-polish, Sleek chamfer

overall black dull-polish surface, sleek chamfer on the edge

Precise Opening Design

Reversed GPIO slot and openings for sorts of connectors
the Raspberry Pi WiFi and Bluetooth are still available, less signal fading

Outline dimensions
How to install

1. insert a micro SD card to Raspberry Pi, then fix the Pi to the bottom panel

2. put on the middle frame, align it with USB connectors and push it towards the USB connectors lightly, fix it with cup head screws

3. fix the fan onto the top panel, fix it flat head screws

4. align the top panel with the middle frame, and fix them together with cup head screws, done!

Weight: 0.143 kg

Quick Overview

  1. Case parts
  2. Cooling fan
  3. Rubber feet
  4. Screws pack