DIN Rail Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4, with Cooling Fan and Heatsinks

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Part Number: PI4-CASE-DIN-RAIL-A



DIN rail Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4, with cooling fan and heatsinks
DIN rail Aluminum Case for Raspberry Pi 4

Comes with cooling fan and heatsinks

industrial grade, DIN rail mount support

industrial grade DIN rail mounting

DIN rail mount design, easy-to-use

for reference only, Raspberry Pi 4 and RS485 TG ETH (B) are NOT included.
Aluminum material

adopting Aluminum material, with oxidation sand-blasting surface

Compatible with certain Raspberry Pi HATs

the inner space allows accommodating add-ons like PoE HAT (D) to enable PoE feature

Ingenious Opening Design

Reversed GPIO slot and openings for sorts of connectors
the Raspberry Pi WiFi and Bluetooth are still available, less signal fading

The openings are customizable for 200PCS or more. The larger quantity, the lower price.
Dedicated airflow vent for cooling fan

comes with cooling fan and heatsinks, better heat dissipation

Outline dimensions
How to install
Customize opening service

Design your unique case, the opening is customizable for 200PCS or more,
the larger quantity, the lower price

Weight: 0.194 kg

Quick Overview

  1. The case
  2. Cooling fan
  3. Heatsinks
  4. Screws pack