TFmini-i Industrial Lidar Ranging Sensor, 12m Ranging Distance, IP65 Protection, RS485 Industrial Interface, 7~30V Wide Range Voltage

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TFmini-i Industrial Lidar Ranging Sensor, 12m Ranging Distance, IP65 Protection, RS485 Industrial Interface, 7~30V Wide Range Voltage, Laser Ranging Module
TFmini-i Industrial Lidar Ranging Sensor

12m Ranging Distance IP65 Protection RS485 Interface

7~30V Wide Range Voltage

Ranging distance 0.1~12.0m @90% reflectivity (Indoor 0klux)
0.1~7.0m @10% reflectivity (Indoor 0klux)
0.1~12.0m @90% reflectivity (Outdoor 70klux)
0.1~7.0m @10% reflectivity (Outdoor 70klux)
Accuracy ±6cm@(0.1~6m)
Frame rate 1~40Hz Distance resolution 1cm
Ambient light tolerance 70klux Protection level IP65
Optical parameters
Light source VCSEL Central wavelength 850nm
Eye safety Class1 (IEC60825) Field of view
Electrical parameters
Power supply DC 7V~30V Average current ≤65mA@12V
Power ≤0.8W@12V Peak current 100mA@12V
Dimension 50 × 34 × 41mm Case material ABS/PC/PMMA
Operating temperature -20~60℃ Storage temperature -30~75℃
Weight 52g Cable length 70cm

TOF Ranging Principle

The TFmini-i is based on the Time-of-Flight (TOF) principle. To be specific, it periodically emits modulation wave of near-infrared outward, which will be reflected after contacting the object. The sensor obtains the time of flight by measuring round-trip phase difference and then calculates the relative range between the sensor and the detection object.

Safer And More Stable

Adopts IP65 protection level, it is safer and more stable to use, suitable for industrial application scenarios

Wide Range Power Supply

Supports wide range power input (7V~30V), with reverse protection in the internal circuit

Supports RS485 interface

For connecting to various industrial control boards with RS485 industrial interface

Number Color Function Description
1 Red VCC Power supply
2 White/Yellow RS485-B RS485-B
3 Green RS485-A RS485-A
4 N/A - -
5 Blue/Orange UART_RXD UART receive (debug)
6 Brown UART_TXD UART transmit (debug)
7 Black GND Ground

Application Scenarios

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Product Selection
PRODUCTTF-LunaTFmini-STFmini PlusTFmini-i
performanceRanging distance 0.2~8.0m @90% reflectivity
0.2~2.5m @10% reflectivity
0.1~12.0m @90% reflectivity
0.1~7.0m @10% reflectivity
0.1~12.0m @90% reflectivity
0.1~4.0m @10% reflectivity
0.1~12.0m @90% reflectivity
0.1~7.0m @10% reflectivity
Frame rate 1~250Hz (UART)
1~100Hz (I2C)
1~1000Hz (UART)
1~100Hz (I2C)
1~1000Hz (UART)
1~100Hz (I2C)
Distance resolution 1cm
Accuracy ±6cm@(0.2m~3.0m)
Field of view 3.6°
and interface
Output data Single-point distance value
Communication UART, I2C, I/O RS485
Power supply 3.7V~5.2V 5V±0.1V 5V±0.5V 7V~30V
Power ≤0.35W ≤0.70W 550mW ≤0.80W@12V
(L × H × W)
35.00×21.25×13.50mm 42.00×15.00×16.00mm 35.00×18.50×21.00mm 50.00×34.00×41.00mm
Weight <5g 5g±0.3g 12g±1g 52g

Weight: 0.179 kg

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