IMX477-160 12.3MP Camera, 160° FOV, Applicable For Jetson Nano / Compute Module

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Part Number: IMX477-160 12.3MP Camera
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IMX477-160 12.3MP Camera, 160° FOV, Applicable for Jetson Nano / Compute Module
12.3MP camera module

IMX477 sensor, 12.3MP, Applicable for Jetson Nano / Compute Module

Sensor Model IMX477
Resolution 12.3MP, 4056 × 3040
CMOS diagonal length 7.9mm
pixel size 1.55µm (H) × 1.55µm (V)
Camera Aperture (F) 2.2
Focal length (BFL) 2.75
Field of view (FOV) 160°(D) 118°(H) 87°(V)
Distortion <16%
Operating voltage 3.3V
Applications suitable for AI applications like: facial recognition, road mark recognition, license plate number recognition, and so on.
Working with Jetson Nano

Jetson Nano Developer Kit B01 (left) and Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit (right)

*Jetson Nano is NOT included, and specific driver is required for the Jetson Nano to use the IMX477 camera module.

Working with Raspberry Pi Compute Module

Compute Module 4 + IO Board (left) and Compute Module 3 + IO Board (right)

*CM4, CM3, IO Board, and the yellow FFC are NOT included.

Outline dimensions
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Part NumberPixelsSensorCMOS SizeIR-CUT FilterLens SupportFoV (°)Aper-ture (F)Focal Length (mm)Dimen-sions (mm)For use with
Raspberry Pi HQ Camera 12.3MP IMX477 7.9mm integrated C/CS - - - 38*38 Raspberry Pi, CM3/3+/4, Jetson Nano
IMX477 12.3MP Camera - - - 38*38 CM3/3+/4, Jetson Nano
IMX477-160 12.3MP Camera - 160 2.2 2.75 25*24

Weight: 0.012 kg

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  1. IMX477-160 12.3MP Camera (with FFC) x1