7/10.1 inch DVI Display Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, IPS panel, 1024×600 Pixel, DVI interface Communication

$27.99 - $34.99
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7/10.1 inch DVI Display Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, IPS panel, 1024×600 Pixel, DVI interface Communication
7/10.1 inch DVI Display Module for Pico

Comes with Raspberry Pi Pico C/C++ demo and resources

  • Size7/10.1"
  • Resolution1024×600
  • Display PanelIPS
  • Viewing Angle170°
  • InterfaceDVI
  • OSD MenuBrightness/Contrast

Features at a glance
  • Adopts IPS panel, 1024×600 resolution*, with 170° viewing angle
  • Adopts DVI interface for higher communication speed
  • Based on the Raspberry Pi Pico with onboard 40PIN header
  • Built in OSD menu for brightness/contrast adjustment
  • Available in 7inch and 10.1inch display sizes
  • Suitable for advertisement picture display and other application scenarios
  • Comes with online development resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi Pico C/C++)

*Due to the memory limitation of RP2040, the picture resolution (Max) will be 400×240 if the color format is RGB565.

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Operating voltage 5V
Resolution 1024×600 pixels
Communication Interface DVI
Display size 7inch: 154.21×85.92mm
10.1inch: 222.72×125.28mm
PIXEL SIZE 7inch: 0.1506×0.1432mm
10.1inch: 0.2175×0.2088mm

Raspberry Pi Pico Header Compatibility

Onboard Female Pin Header For Direct Attaching To Raspberry Pi Pico

Connect to Raspberry Pi Pico WH

Connect to RP2040-Plus

for reference only, the Pico and RP2040-Plus are NOT included

Pin definition

Interface Introduction

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Outline dimensions
Resources & Services
Selection guide
Part Number Type Display color Pixels Display size (mm) Bus Driver Dimensions (mm) Touch
Pico-LCD-0.96 IPS 65K 160×80 21.70×10.80 SPI ST7735S 52.00×25.00  
Pico-LCD-1.14 IPS 65K 240×135 24.91×14.86 SPI ST7789 52.00×25.00  
Pico-LCD-1.3 IPS 65K 240×240 23.40×23.40 SPI ST7789 52.00×26.50  
Pico-LCD-1.44 TFT 65K 128×128 25.50×26.50 SPI ST7735S 52.00×26.50  
Pico-LCD-1.8 TFT 65K 160×128 35.04×28.03 SPI ST7735S 52.00×34.50  
Pico-LCD-2 IPS 65K 320×240 40.80×30.60 SPI ST7789VW 52.00×35.00  
Pico-ResTouch-LCD-2.8 IPS 262K 320×240 57.60×43.20 SPI ST7789 70.20×50.20
Pico-ResTouch-LCD-3.5 IPS 65K 480×320 73.44×48.96 SPI ILI9488 86.00×57.20
PICO-DVI-7inch IPS 262K 1024×600 154.21×85.92 DVI - 164.70×100.00  
PICO-DVI-10.1inch IPS 262K 1024×600 222.72×125.28 DVI - 232.72×136.28  

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PICO-DVI-7inch x1


PICO-DVI-10.1inch x1