2inch LCD Display Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, 65K Colors, 320×240, SPI

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Part Number: Pico-LCD-2
Brand: Waveshare


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2inch LCD Display Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, 65K RGB Colors, 320×240 pixels, SPI Interface
2" LCD Display Module for Pico

embedded ST7789VW driver, using SPI bus

Comes with Raspberry Pi Pico C/C++ and MicroPython Demo

  • Size2"
  • Resolution320×240
  • Display Color65K RGB

  • InterfaceSPI
  • Display PanelIPS
  • DriverST7789VW
Features at a glance
  • 320×240 resolution, IPS screen, 65K RGB colors, clear and colorful displaying effect
  • SPI interface, requires minimal IO pins
  • 4x user buttons for easy interacting
  • Comes with development resources and manual (Raspberry Pi Pico C/C++ and MicroPython examples)
Operating voltage 2.6 ~ 5.5V Resolution 320×240 pixels
Communication Interface 4-wire SPI Display size 40.80 × 30.60mm
Display Panel IPS Pixel size 0.1275 × 0.1275mm
Driver ST7789VW Dimensions 52.00 × 35.00mm
Raspberry Pi Pico header compatibility

onboard female pin header for direct attaching to Raspberry Pi Pico
4x user buttons for easy interacting

Raspberry Pi Pico is NOT included.
Pinout definition
Outline dimensions
Resources & Services

WIKI: Pico-LCD-2

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Selection guide
Part NumberTypeDisplay colorPixelsDisplay size (mm)BusDriverDimensions (mm)Touch
Pico-LCD-0.96 IPS 65K 160×80 21.70×10.80 SPI ST7735S 52.00×25.00  
Pico-LCD-1.14 IPS 65K 240×135 24.91×14.86 SPI ST7789 52.00×25.00  
Pico-LCD-1.3 IPS 65K 240×240 23.40×23.40 SPI ST7789 52.00×26.50  
Pico-LCD-1.44 TFT 65K 128×128 25.50×26.50 SPI ST7735S 52.00×26.50  
Pico-LCD-1.8 TFT 65K 160×128 35.04×28.03 SPI ST7735S 52.00×34.50  
Pico-LCD-2 IPS 65K 320×240 40.80×30.60 SPI ST7789VW 52.00×35.00  
Pico-ResTouch-LCD-2.8 IPS 262K 320×240 57.60×43.20 SPI ST7789 70.20×50.20
Pico-ResTouch-LCD-3.5 IPS 65K 480×320 73.44×48.96 SPI ILI9488 86.00×57.20

Weight: 0.017 kg

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