TOF Laser Range Sensor, UART / CAN Bus, Cascading Support, Ranging up to 5m, with Software

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TOF (time of flight) Laser Range Sensor, UART / CAN bus, cascading support, comes with host computer assistant software
TOF Laser Range Sensor

The TOF Laser Range Sensor is a TOF-based (time of flight) laser ranging sensor with embedded MCU and ranging algorithm, which is capable of offering up to 5m measuring range, ±1.5cm accuracy, and 1mm resolution. It supports cascade ranging via UART or CAN bus, configurable data output including active output and query output.

This sensor can be widely used in applications like common distance measuring, robot obstacle avoidance / route planning, as well as drone altitude setting / ceiling detection, and more...

Typical measuring range Short range: 0.012~2.16m
Mid range: 0.012~3.60m
Long range: 0.01~5.00m
Typical measuring accuracy Short range: accuracy ±1.0cm, standard deviation<0.3cm
Mid range: accuracy ±1.0cm, standard deviation<1.5cm
Long range: accuracy ±1.5cm, standard deviation<[email protected]~3m, standard deviation<[email protected]~5m
Resolution 1mm
Wavelength 940nm (Class1 standard compliant)
Field of view (FOV) 15°~27° (adjustable)
Communication interface UART: both of the two ports can be used as UART simultaneously, 3.3V TTL signal level
CAN: both of the two ports can be used as CAN simultaneously
Baudrate UART: 115200~3000000bps (921600bps by default)
CAN: 100000~3000000bps (100000bps by default)
Cascade support UART: supports up to 8x cascades
CAN: supports up to 7x cascades
Power supply 3.7~5.2V
Power consumption 290mW (UART active output, long-range mode, 5.0V power supply, 58mA current)
Weight 2.7g
(L × W × H)
35.58 × 12 × 8.05mm
Embedded MCU & Ranging Algorithm
UART / CAN support, configurable output
UART / CAN communication

Configurable communication bus, providing two ports (identical electric connection) for cascade ranging

active output / query output

Configurable data output mode, make it more flexible to acquire data

Cascade ranging support

Multiple sensors can connected in series thanks to onboard two identical ports, and each sensor can be configured with an ID,
therefore, the ranging data of all sensors can be acquired through one single communication bus.
When using cascade ranging, three output modes are available: UART query, CAN query, and CAN active output

up to 8x cascades on UART bus, up to 7x cascades on CAN bus

Comes with assistant software

provides host computer assistant software, offering functions including sensor configuration, wave form monitor, data analysis, data record export and replay, firmware upgrade, and so on.

Hardware connection

connecting with Raspberry Pi

connecting with Arduino

Outline Dimensions
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Weight: 0.008 kg

Quick Overview

The USB TO TTL is recommended for easy testing.
  1. TOF Laser Range Sensor x1
  2. GH1.25 4PIN wire x1
  3. GH1.25 4PIN squid wire x1