USB TO RS232/485/TTL (B)

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USB TO RS232/485/TTL (B)
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FT232 USB To RS232/RS485/TTL




How to Use


CDC Driver

The default driver of the computer is the CDC driver, which can be viewed through the device manager.
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VCP Driver

The VCP driver is a manufacturer's driver and needs to be installed by itself. After installation, it can be viewed through Device Manager.
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Taking RPI as an example, you can use the default driver. After connecting the device, you can use the following command to query the serial device name:

ls /dev/tty*

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For example, use minicom to open UART0, then the command line input.

minicom -D /dev/ttyACM0



1. Open the APP and click Scan Device.         2. Click the scanned device.               3. Set the parameters to use.
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Software & Driver


Multi-system compatibility, support Win7/8/8.1/10, Mac, Linux, Android, WinCE, and other systems.


If the short-distance communication is abnormal, remove the 120-ohm terminal matching resistance of RS485; if the long-distance communication is abnormal, connect the 120-ohm terminal matching resistance of RS485.


No, RS232, RS485, and TTL can be received at the same time but cannot be sent at the same time.


No, RS232, RS485, and TTL cannot be converted to each other, but USB to RS232, RS485, or TTL is supported.



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