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RS232, USB





Industrial USB to RS232 serial adapter cable, adopts original FT232RL chip, provides stable communication, an ideal choice for industrial control equipment and/or applications with high communication requirements.

Version Options


Interface Definition



Types USB to RS232 DB9 serial adapter cable
Chip FTDI original FT232RL chip
Host Interface USB Type-A Interface
Data Rate 300bps ~ 921600bps
Device Interface USB-TO-RS232-Male-Cable: RS232 DB9 male port
USB-TO-RS232-Female-Cable: RS232 DB9 female port
Cable Specification Black, PVC sheath, total length 1.5m



Application Scenarios


How to Use

Hardware Connection




There are two drivers for FT232: VCP and D2XX.

  • VCP (Virtual COM Port): The PC side will be recognized as a serial port, using the serial protocol.
  • D2XX driver: The PC side will be recognized as a USB port and needs to be operated using API functions.
  • This product provides a VCP example, so we will only discuss the installation of the VCP driver below.
Currently most Windows 8/10/11 systems are driver-free, Windows 7 requires manual installation of the driver, and more system drivers can be downloaded from #Resource.

Driver installation:

Device Connection

  • Connect the FT232 USB UART Board to the PC.
  • After installing the driver program, connect the FT232 USB UART Board to the USB port of the PC, and the PC finds the new hardware.
  • Right-click the Windows on the left corner of the PC, choose "Device Manager", and you can see as shown below:

FT232 USB UART Board10.png

COM Port Setting (Optional)

The COM Port may change, you can configure it to the specified COM port by the following steps, as follows:
Right-click the COM port in the above figure, click "Port Settings" in the window, then click "Advanced, select the required (not occupied by other) COM port number from the down menu. (not occupied by other devices):


Take RPI as an example, use the default driver, connect the device, and query the serial device name through the following command:

ls /dev/ttyUSB*

FT232 USB UART Board11.png
For example, use minicom to open UART0, input the following command line:

sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0
The mainstream Linux systems, such as Raspbian, Ubuntu, and CentOS, generally come with FT232 drivers and can be connected to use. You can also install Linxu drivers to some Linux systems lacking FT232.


For example, connect the Android phone to the PC with FT232:

  • Connect the USB port of FT232 to the USB port of the Android phone with the OTG adapter cable, and then connect to another FT232 and computer via the USB port.
  • Download SerialTool_Android to the Android device, unzip it, and then install it.
  • Whether to allow the APP to visit the USB device, click OK.
  • Input the string to be sent in the Android serial tool, the computer can receive the corresponding on the sscom, and vice versa.

FT232 USB UART Board 15.gif

Android serial port assistant used here has integrated Android drivers, no need to install additional drivers; you can also use FTDI Android source code directed development can drive FT232 APP.


  1. Click to download the driver.
  2. Driver installation guide: Click here to see the tutorial.
  3. After installing, you can open SSCOM (MAC can directly download the serial debugging assistant online).





More Applications



FT232RL's maximum baud rate is up to 3Mbps, and the baud rate for RS232 long-distance stable communication is between 2400~115200bps.



The port number can be modified. (Windows in Device Manager, COM port - Advanced - Properties - select COM port number to modify).



Please manually install this driver: FT232_Driver_WIN11_64



USB-TO-RS232-Cable adopts FTDI official FT232 original chip, which can support many kinds of operating systems. Generally, Win8 or above system is free of the driver, the driver for different systems can be downloaded from the official website:



Install this driver: FT232-win7-Driver or download DriverGenius, and then it can automatically install the serial device driver.



The maximum baud rate of FT232RL can reach 3Mbps, but the recommended baud rate for general RS232 long-distance stable communication is 2400~115200bps.



1. Check if the computer's Device Manager properly recognizes the COM port device. If it doesn't, inspect for potential driver issues, reconnect the USB port, or try a different USB port to prompt the computer to rediscover the device.
2. If the computer successfully detects the COM port device but fails to connect to the RS232 device, examine the connection between the RS232 connector and the device to ensure it's secure, and verify if the RS232 device is powered on.
4. Substitute with another computer, or another device equipped with an RS232 interface, or try using a different cable for comparative testing.



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