UART Fingerprint Sensor (E)

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UART Fingerprint Sensor (E)
UART Fingerprint Sensor (E)






As a highly integrated capacitive fingerprint recognition module, UART Fingerprint Sensor (E) integrates fingerprint recognition core board and capacitive fingerprint module sensor, which greatly reduces its size. It adopts the high-performance Cortex core, integrates high-security commercial fingerprint algorithm, supports fingerprint enrolling, image acquisition, feature finding, template generating and storing, fingerprint matching, and so on.



  • Easy to use by some simple commands, you don't have to know any fingerprint technology, or the module inter structure.
  • Commercial fingerprinting algorithm, supports functions like fingerprint enrolling, fingerprint matching, fingerprint image acquisition, and fingerprint feature uploading, stable performance, fast identification.
  • Capacitive sensitive detection, just touch the collecting window lightly for fast verification.
  • Highly integrated hardware, processor and sensor in one small chip, suitable for small size applications.
  • Embedded human sensor, the processor will enter sleep automatically, and wake up when touching, lower power consumption.
  • Onboard UART connector, easy to connect with hardware platforms like STM32 and Raspberry Pi.


  • Sensor: capacitive touch sensor
  • Resolution: 508 DPI
  • Image pixels:160 × 160
  • Image greyscale: 8
  • Sensor dimension: 11.2 × 12.2 mm
  • Fingerprint capacity: 3000
  • Matching time: <200ms (1:N, and N≤100)
  • False acceptance rate: < 0.001%
  • False rejection rate: < 0.1%
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Operating current: < 50mA
  • Sleep current: < 16uA
  • ESD: contact discharge 8KV / aerial discharge 15KV
  • Communication port: UART
  • Baudrate: 19200 bps
  • Operating environment:
    • Temperature: -20°C~70°C
    • Humidity: 40% RH~85% RH (no condensation)
  • Storage environment
    • Temperature: -40°C~85°C
    • Humidity: <85% RH (no condensation)

Interface Description

UART Fingerprint Sensor (E)201.png

  • VIN:3.3V
  • GND:Ground
  • RX:Serial data input (TTL level)
  • TX:Serial port data output (TTL level)
  • RST:Sleep Control Interface:
    • High level: module power supply - start
    • Low level: module power down - sleep
  • WAKE: wake-up pin, when RST is at low level (sleep), the fingerprint module will be activated when the finger touches the surface of the collector, and this pin outputs a high level.






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