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Configure Windows

This guide is made in Windows 10

  • Note:
  1. Please make sure that you have installed python3 on your Windows PC and the default version is python3 if you installed multiple versions.
  2. You may need to close the firewall to make the python work.

Install libraries

Open a CMD or Powershell to install libraries with the following commands:

python -m pip install tqdm
python -m pip install pillow
python -m pip install numpy
python -m pip install pypiwin32
python -m pip install progressbar

Download demo codes

Download the Windows demo, unzip, and enter the Cloud_WIN directory.


Note that you need to run the CMD or PowerShell under the Cloud_WIN direcoty and turn the following command.

python ./examples/***inch_display_EPD

For example:

#If you have 4.2inch e-Paper Cloud Module
python ./examples/4.2inch_display_EPD
#If you have2.13inch e-Paper Cloud Module
python ./examples/2.13inch_display_EPD