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Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Selection Guide

Package Contents


Item Description Acce. A Package A Acce. C Package C Acce. D Package D Acce. E Package E
RPi2 B Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
DVK512 Expansion Board, provides expansion interfaces and onboard components
3.5inch RPi LCD (A) 3.2inch touch screen LCD
PCF8591 AD DA Board 8-bit AD/DA module
L3G4200D Board Angular rate sensor
LSM303DLHC Board e-compass
Mix Board Buzzer, Joystick, Infrared Receiver, Temperature Sensor
Logic Level Converter 8ch Logic Level Bus Transceiver
Micro SD Card 8GB 8GB Miro SD Card, class 10
USB Camera 0307 USB camera
Mini Wireless Keyboard Mini wireless keyboard with touchpad
HDMI to VGA Convertor For working with VGA monitors
5V 2A Power Adapter Required while heavy-loaded
ARPI600 Raspberry Pi to Arduino
Sensors Pack Various sensors in one pack
5inch HDMI LCD (B) 5inch HDMI interface touch screen LCD
Bicolor Case for 5inch LCD Type B Case and holder