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Notices of flexible e-Paper
  • Note that you cannot bend the IC part, only the display area can be bent(>60°). Area marked in red cannot be bent.

Flexible e-Paper Bending.png Flexible-e-Paper-FAQ-1.png

  • The circuity area on the corners of e-Paper cannot be bent too much times, please be careful. Recommend you to use Vcacuum Pen or stick it by sticker when picking it up


  • Please make sure there are not particulate matters on both sides of the e-paper panel. You can only bend the flexible e-paper forward and backward, but not in left and right direction.


  • The flexible e-Paper is covered by hot melt film, the penal should not touch sharp objects, otherwise, it may be damaged
  • The object temperature cannot reach 70°C, otherwise, e-Paper will be damaged
  • If you want to test the bending of flexible e-Paper, you can make a fan-shaped mold whose central angle is 60°and radius is about 5cm