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EMW3162 Firmware Update Guide

  1. To update the firmware of the EMW3162, please connect the pin 16 (BOOT) to Low and the pin 30 (STATUS) to High. Then connect the pin 22 (USART_TX) and pin 23 (USART_RX) to a USB TO UART board. When using the module with the WIFI Shield, you can switch BOOT to L and switch STATUS to H, then connect the on-board UART to a PC.
  2. Run the software File:SecureCRT.7z.
  3. Create a Serial Connection as shown in the figure. (Choose the COM Port listed in the Device Manager, although here is COM2.) Do not check the RTS/CTS.
    EMW3162 FU01.jpg
  4. Power up. If it was set up correctly, the serial will response the message as shown in the figure else please check the Baud or other settings.
    EMW3162 FU02.jpg
  5. Input 1 and press the Enter button, then click Transfer->Send Ymodem... to choose the firmware for update:
    Download the firmware for UART <> Wi-Fi - implements Wi-Fi Transparent transmission using UART
    Note: after the firmware downloaded, please first extract the .bin file then Transfer.
    EMW3162 FU03.jpg
  6. Once update complete, the serial will response the message as shown in the figure:
    EMW3162 FU04.jpg
  7. Connect the pin 16 (BOOT) to High (for WIFI Shield user, just switch BOOT to H), then the board will restart to working status.