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The smart robot is always the favorite thing of electronic fans, meanwhile, building blocks can be used to make various objects in different constructions, such as vehicles, buildings, and working robots. Whatever you made, you can break it down and build another new thing by the pieces again.

The Build HAT Python library is able to control sorts of motors and sensors with an LPF2 connector, this makes it possible to build creative combinations by using the Raspberry Pi Build HAT and building blocks, so here comes our BuildMecar - a smart robot with Mecanum wheels, and built by blocks. It will move in any direction based on the Mecanum wheel technology, enabling more funny possibilities for the smart robots.


  • Designed on the basis of Raspberry Pi Build HAT, easily controlling sorts of motors and sensors with an LPF2 connector
  • Built by blocks, feel free to customize your unique robot
  • High discharge coefficient Li-ion batteries, providing great power supply for the robot
  • Features Mecanum wheels, allows lateral movement, or spinning in the original place
  • Optional camera, gives your robot an eye


  • If you need to connect the camera, please first power off and then connect it, otherwise, the camera may be damaged.
  • To driver the motors, please use the Li-ion battery provided
  • Li-ion and Li-po batteries are quite unstable. They may cause fire, personal injury, or property damage if they're not properly recharged or used.
  • Do not reversely connect the polarities when recharging or discharging the battery. Do not use an inferior charger/charging panel to recharge the battery.
  • Do not mix use old batteries with new ones, avoid using batteries of different brands.
  • When buying a Lithium battery, should always make sure the battery specification is compatible with the expansion board. Choose batteries from the formal manufacturer, and ensure the batteries will work stably and safely by aging test.
  • Lithium batteries have limited cycle life, they will also deteriorate as time goes by. Should be replaced with new ones when the batteries reach their max cycle life or work over two years, whichever comes first.
  • Should be placed carefully and properly, keep it away from inflammable and explosive articles, away from children, avoid any safety accident caused by careless storage.