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Arduino Demo

Hardware Connection

Hardware connection to the development board UNO PLUS / Arduino UNO:

SIM7600X 4G HAT UNO PLUS / Arduino UNO
5V 5V
TXD 0 (RX)
RXD 1 (TX)

Install Arduino library

Download the decompression sample program,
Copy the Waveshare_SIM7600X_Arduino_Library folder to the Library directory under the Arduino IDE installation path
Open Arduino IDE --> File -->Examples -->Waveshare SIM7600X, and then choose to run the corresponding example program:

Sample Program

PHONECALL call demo

ARDUINO demo.png

SMS text message sending and receiving demo

ARDUINO demo2.png

GPS Positioning demo

ARDUINO demo3.png

TCP network communication demo

ARDUINO demo4.png

FTP download and upload demo

ARDUINO demo5.png