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This module does not support Modbus TCP, if you need to use this function, please purchase RS232/RS485 TO ETH

RS485 to Ethernet Converter





Stable Ethernet to RS485 convertor, High-speed, Low-power




  • It does not support Modbus transmission.

If you need the TCP Modbus function, please select the following modules:


After power-on, press the reload button for 5 seconds to restore the factory settings: 600px-Rs485 to eth reset.png


You can find the device MAC address from the web configuration page here:
RS485 TO ETH FAQ.png



Set the IP of RS232/485 TO ETH and computer to the same network address and different node address IP:
For example, RS232/485 TO ETH IP is; computer IP is



After confirming that the network communication is normal, you can observe whether the 232RX (485RX) indicator is blinking or not, if it is not blinking, it means that there is no data in RS232/485 TO ETH, check whether the RS232/RS485 wiring is correct or not.
Some RS232 line RXD and TXD not cross-connected will not be able to communicate (measured with a multimeter, if 2 and 2 through, 3 and 3 through the straight serial line; if 2 and 3 through, 3 and 2 through the cross-serial line.), you can replace the crossover serial cable:
If the indicator light is normal, please turn off the tool and turn it on again to test.


  • Check the network (ETH):

Can the device IP be pinged (by default)? If pingable, it indicates the device is not dead. The host software should attempt to connect to the device's IP and port to verify normal connectivity.
In the case where a TCP connection is established but no data is received, following the assessment in 1), if the TCP channel is established but no data is received, further investigation is necessary.
Set RS485 TO ETH to with port number 1111; Set the computer to with port number 1111.
If the network host machine fails to send data normally, consider configuring network heartbeat packet verification. If normal, data will be periodically transmitted.
Ensure SSCOM is added to the firewall, otherwise the firewall may block TCP connections, or test by temporarily disabling all firewalls on the computer.

  • Detecting RS485 Serial Port Issues

Confirm hardware connections including serial port devices, and check if your gateway and energy meter are correctly connected. Ensure power and data lines are connected properly and there are no loose connections.
If the serial port terminal device receives data but does not respond properly, monitor the data from the serial port device. Use a 485 to USB serial cable, connect it to the interface of the 485 device and the computer's USB port, assign a COM port on the computer, open serial debugging assistant software, set the serial port parameters consistently, input the corresponding COM port, and monitor the data from the 485 device. 485 Wiring: T+ --A T- --B; Check if the instructions sent to 485 are correct; Are there proper responses from 485 after sending correct instructions?
Confirm serial port parameters such as baud rate, data bits, and stop bits: Baud rate should be configured according to the connected RS485 device, commonly used rates are 9600 and 115200; Refer to the device manual or contact RS485 device technical support for configuration, especially if set to Modbus mode, confirm if the function code matches.



1. Connect the RS485 and your PC/Laptop through a LAN cable.
2. Configure the IP of your RS485 and your computer to the same network address but different node address IP. For example, if your RS485 IP is, you can set your computer IP to
Now check it again with the address.



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