RPi3 B Package E

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - Package E
RPi3 B Package E

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + 5inch HDMI LCD (B) + Bicolor case + 8GB Micro SD card




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Category: Expansions, Raspberry Pi
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Brand: Waveshare & Raspberry Pi
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Onboard Interfaces
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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + 5inch HDMI LCD (B) + Bicolor case + 8GB Micro SD card.


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Detailed information

Depending on the firmware, please view the instructions of different revision:


An LCD with Rev 2.1 firmware does not require any drivers, that is, touch function works properly without installing any software. So we did not provide any drivers and images for Rev 2.1 LCDs. The following drivers are only available for the LCD with Rev 1.1 firmware. But if you install the driver for the Rev 2.1 one, it will lead touch function not to work.

Raspbian Image (supports Rev 2.1 LCD)

Raspbian Images (only support Rev 1.1 LCD)

LCD Panel Dimension



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