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Single Bus






RGB-5050-5V-IP65-60D-1M is an RGB LED light strip, which features a single point and single hole, rich colors, and wide application.


  • LED Type: 5050
  • IC: WS2812B
  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Color: RGB
  • Greyscale: 256 Adjustable (per color)
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Operating Power: 0.3W/LED
  • Length: 1m/roll
  • Operating Temperature: -25~80℃
  • PH2.0 Connector Voltage: 3.3-4.2V (3.7V Lithium battery (NOT included))
  • LED Quantity: 60 LEDs/M
  • Degree of Protection: IP65

User Manual

Interface Description


Color Function
Red VCC, connect to the positive pole of the 5V power supply
Green DATA, data input/output (male input, female output)
White GND, connect to the negative pole of the 5V power supply

Protocol Description

WS2812B adopts a single-wire communication mode and sends signals in return-to-zero code. After the chip is powered on and reset, it receives the data from the DIN terminal. After receiving enough 24 bits, the DO port starts to forward the data to the next chip to provide input data. Before forwarding, the DO port has been pulled low. At this time, the lamp beads will not receive new data, and the built-in RGB chip will display different brightness according to the different duty cycle signals generated after receiving the 24-bit data. If the DIN input signal is RESET, the chip will send the received data to display, the chip will receive new data after the end of the signal, and after receiving the starting 24-bit data, data will be forwarded through the DO port before the lamp does not receive the RESET code, the RGB brightness remains unchanged. When the low-level RESET code above 200us is received, the RGB chip inside the lamp bead will show different brightness according to the different duty cycle signals generated after the 24-bit data just received.

Data Transmission

Rgb led hat senddata.png
Note: D1 is the data sent from MCU, D2, D3, and D4 are the data automatically shaped and forwarded by cascaded circuits.

24-bit data structure

Note: Data in high bits are sent first and follow the RGB order.



Signal Transmission Definition

Data Function Description Maintenance Time Allowable Error
T0H 0 code, high time 0.35µs ±150ns
T1H 1 code, high time 1.36µs ±150ns
T0L 0 code, low time 1.36µs ±150ns
T1L 1 code, low time 0.35µs ±150ns
RES RESET code 50µs \

Current/Power Rewuirements

  • The maximum power per meter of this product is about 18W, and the operating voltage is 5V, so the maximum current per meter is about 3.6A.
  • Therefore, when using the selected power supply, it should not be less than 1.25 times the maximum power.
  • If multiple light strips are cascaded, it is recommended to add the voltage every 300 lights.





Technical Support

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