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  • This is a tutorial for initializing registers, suitable for dim LEDs, and the driver chip is FM6047.
wget https://files.waveshare.com/upload/c/cc/REG_Init.zip
unzip REG_Init.zip
#Hardware mapping is divided into: regular, adafruit-hat, adafruit-hat-pwm, regular-pi1, classic, classic-pi1
#According to the hardware mapping used by the user, enter the corresponding folder and execute the following commands:
#For example using regular hardware mapping
cd regular
sudo make clean
sudo make
sudo ./REG_Init_Demo
#If this warning appears when compiling:
make: Warning: File 'Makefile' has modification time 13924 s in the future
gcc -Wall -c REG_Init.c -lwiringPi -lm -std=gnu99
gcc -Wall -o REG_Init_Demo REG_Init.o -lwiringPi -lm -std=gnu99
make: warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete.
#Enter the following command:
sudo make clean
touch *
sudo make
sudo ./REG_Init_Demo
# to get rid of the warning
  • After running REG_Init_Demo, the brightness can be increased, but after RGB--Matrix-P3-64x32 is powered off, the register will be initialized again.

You need to run REG_Init_Demo again. If you want to start it automatically, you need to do the following (RGB--Matrix-P3-64x32 needs to be powered on before the Raspberry Pi is powered on):

# Here is an example of regular hardware mapping
sudo cp ~/REG_Init/regular/REG_Init_Demo /usr/local/bin/REG_Init_Demo
sudo nano /etc/rc.local
#Add REG_Init_Demo& before exit 0. Note that you must add "&" to run in the background, otherwise the system may fail to start.