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Flat-hole Timing Pulley





This product is AF 60-tooth aluminum alloy timing pulley with ribs, which has the advantages of no lubrication, low noise, etc. It has four flat holes with M3 tapping for fixing with other parts, and the center hole can be installed with F6800ZZ flange bearings, which can share radial forces and ensure that the machine can rotate smoothly even under heavy loads.


Aluminum Alloy
Teeth Type 2GT
Teeth Numbers 60
Flange Outer Diameter 40.12mm
Teeth Outer Diameter 37.68mm
Timing Pulley Thickness 10mm
Inner Bore Diameter 19mm
Fixed Mode M3, 28mm diameter, four holes


  • Adopting aluminum alloy material, it has stronger corrosion-resistant.
  • 2GT tooth form, better compatibility.
  • The diameter of the center hole is 19mm, and two F6800ZZ flange bearings can be installed to share the radial force.
  • With four M3 tapping holes for fixing external parts.
  • Provides product models and assembly models example.

How TO Use

This timing pulley is recommended to match with other reduction groups of the timing pulleys and synchronous belts, which can amplify the effective torque. Besides, the teeth type of the timing pulleys must be 2GT and 6mm is recommended as the length of the synchronous belts.
The specifications of the reduction group and the center distance (mm) data are as follows:

Timing belt circumference 30T: 60T 20T: 60T 16T: 60T
140mm - - 29.5
160mm 34.5 38.7 40.4
200mm 55.0* 59.5 61.2
280mm 95.3 100.0 101.9
500mm 205.6 210.4 212.4
  • Example: This value represents the combination of 30-tooth and 60-tooth synchronous pulleys with a 200mm synchronous belt, and the center distance D is 55.0mm.

When in use, F6800ZZ flange bearings can be installed on both sides of the timing pulley, so that even if the radial force received is large, its rotation will not be affected significantly.


  • Reduction drive group
  • Automation equipment
  • Plastic machinery
  • Woodworking machinery


2D Drawing

3D Model


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