POD 2.8inch Resistivee Touch Display Module

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POD 2.8inch Resistivee Touch Display Module
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The POD 2.8inch Resistive Touch Display Module is the 2.8inch LCD expansion module designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.


  • Onboard 2.8inch resistive touch LCD display with 240×320 resolution.
  • 4x user buttons for user-defined functions.
  • Onboard 40PIN GPIO header, for connecting with other POD modules or Raspberry Pi boards.
  • Nice looking ABS case, continues the design style of the POD series, with a 2.8-inch screen window on the front and the matte finish bottom.
  • This module is designed for Pi Zero 2 W and is also suitable for other Raspberry Pi boards.

User Guide

  • Insert the LCD module into the 40PIN header of the Pi Zero 2W.
  • Normally program the system to the SD card, and boot after inserting the Pi Zero 2W.
  • Connect the network for the Raspberry Pi, open the terminal of the Raspberry Pi, and input the following commands to install the driver.
curl https://download.argon40.com/podsystem.sh | bash
  • Select the corresponding setting option according to the prompts.
  • Reboot the system and then normally display.
sudo reboot
  • Open the terminal and open the POD system configure interface after inputting the commands.
  • If you want to uninstall the POD driver, you can input the following commands.



Pico-ResTouch-LCD-2.8inch cannot be used with Pico W only supports C code.
You can just use the C example because C is writing your firmware.



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