PCIe TO M.2 (A)

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PCIe TO M.2 (A)
PCIe TO M.2 (A)




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PCIe TO M.2 (A) is an adapter board for PCI-E to M.2, It is used for connecting SSD, supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3.


  • Adapter For NVMe Protocol M.2 SSD, Faster Reading/Writing, Improving Efficiency
  • Supports Base Boards With PCI-E×1 / ×4 / ×8 / ×16 Socket
  • Supports Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4
  • Compatible With Different Sizes Of M.2 SSD
  • Onboard Operating Indicator, The LED Lights Up When Power-On And Keeps Blinking While Reading/Writing

Mount the SSD to CM4

Format the SSD

  • Insert the SSD to the PCI-E to M.2 adapter and fixe it with screws.
  • Connect the SSD to another PC to format first. For example, we connect it to Windows PC because most of the windows PC has M.2 or PCI-E interface. Please shut down your PC before you connect the SSD and then reboot. Format the SSD after reading it.

Note: Do not use quick format mode.

Drive Detecting

Turn off the CM4, connect the adapter to CM4 and turn on.

  • Check if the disk is detected
sudo fdisk -l


  • Check the memory of disk
df -h


Mount the disk

  • Create a new directory
sudo mkdir /home/pi/toshiba
  • Mount the disk by the following command
sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1p1  /home/pi/toshiba

Check the memory again.

df -h

If you can get the information of the new disk, it means that the disk was mounted sucessfully<br\> Pcie-m2-4.png

  • The name should be different for different disks, here is nvme0n1p1 and it may be different in your board.

Read/write test

Enter the directory

cd /home/pi/toshiba
  • Release the momory
sudo sh -c "sync && echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"
  • Copy the Pi to the SSD (read)
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=./test_write count=2000 bs=1024k


  • Copy the SSD to Pi (write)
 sudo dd if=./test_write of=/dev/null count=2000 bs=1024k


  • Note: The test result may be different with different SSD and Pi. If you want to test the SSD, you can connect it to PC.

Test in PC

Search and find some test software online.

For example:

Pctest-1.png Pctest-2.png


If you require technical support, please go to the Support page and open a tickets.