Motor Driver for micro:bit

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Motor Driver for micro:bit

Motor driver for micro:bit, 2 DC motors




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This is a motor driver module designed for the BBC micro:bit. Can drive 2 DC motots and 3 steering gears


  • micro:bit edge connector, directly pluggable
  • Onboard connectors for two DC motors and three steering gears
  • 5V regulator, supports 6V~12V input (VIN terminal). Output current up to 3A
  • Onboard connectors for DC motor and standard steering gear.
  • Comes with developing resources and munual


  • Power input range:6V~12V
  • Gear voltage: 5V
  • Logic voltage: 3.3V
  • Driver: TB6612FNG
  • Dimension: 65mm x 36mm
  • Holes size: 3.0mm


PIN Description
Vcc Power (6~12V)
GND Ground
A1 positive pole of motor A
A2 negative pole of motor A
B1 positive pole of motor B
B2 negative pole of motor B
P0 control pin P0 of steering gear
P1 control pin P1 of steering gear
P2 control pin P2 of steering gear

Programming Guide

Micor:bit has variety of programming methods like mbed, micropython, typescript and other programming methods, as well as code online websites which are abundant.

The official recommendation are two programming methods: typescript and micropython. Typescript is the graphical programming language.


Typescript is a kind of graphical programming, its website is that:

  • Open a browser and input the next URL

Open make.gif

  • Add Packeage

You can clone the package of Motor Driver HAT for micro;bit from github. Click More..->Add Package, then copy the URL to the Edittext.

1 addpackage motor.gif

Control Motor Rotation

Control two motors at the same time, and set their rotating direction and speed

Motor Driver HAT UserManual 2.gif

Stop motor when button A is pressed

Motor Driver HAT UserManual 3.gif

Control Servo

Control servo to rotate in certain angle.

Motor Driver HAT UserManual 4.gif

Other blocks

There are also some block in Avandced->More which can be used to control servo

Motor Driver HAT UserManual 5.png


You can get more information about python programming of micro:bit on this web page:

We provide python codes for this moudle, you can download and have a try.

Upzip the demo code you download and open the file which is under python directory with software mu.


Motor Driver HAT UserManual 6.png

Control Motor

Motor Driver HAT UserManual 7.png


Motor Driver HAT UserManual 8.png

Cotnrol Servo

Motor Driver HAT UserManual 9.png

Control servo to rotate in certian angle

Motor Driver HAT UserManual 10.png

Temp=angle/2+25 is duty ratio, its range is 0~1023.


Motor Driver HAT UserManual 11.png

Motor1 moves forward, Motor2 moves backward, servo1 rotate 50 degree, servo2 rotate 150 degree.



Demo Code




If you require technical support, please go to the Support page and open a tickets.