MCP23017 IO Expansion Board

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MCP23017 IO Expansion Board

MCP23017, I2C interface, 16-bit parallel port





16-bit I/O expander for I2C-bus, MCP23017 on board

How to Use

The following example expands 16 I/O ports through MCP23017, 8 I/O ports as key inputs and 8 I/O ports as LED outputs.
MCP23017 use.gif





The I2C interface can be directly connected in parallel.
Note that if more than one MCP23017 module is connected in parallel at the same time, the I2C addresses of the modules need to be modified to be different, and up to 8 can be connected at the same time.
Modify the module i2c address method: not connect or short A0, A1, A2, high level when it is not connected, and is low when it is short, the total can be set to 2x2x2 different i2c address.
MCP23018 FAQ.jpg



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