LPC ISP Programming

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We use Flash Magic to program Hex file to the LPC chip. (We use Open4337 development board at this example.)

  1. Jumper setting: Set jumper ISP(/USART0) on and set jumper BOOT CONFIG to 0.
  2. Connect the USB (mini) interface of USART0 to the USB port of a PC. As shown in the following figure.
    LPC ISP 43xx Connect.png
  3. Install Flash Magic.
  4. Power on the target board and run Flash magic. Operate the board as follows.
  5. Set the software:
    • Click "Select Device" and select LPC4337.
    • Flash Bank: select Bank 0 as default.(It depends on the Hex file.)
    • COM Port: choose the COM Port according to which port has connected to the USART.
    • Baud Rate: choose appropriate baud rate 57600. (57600 is balanced between Download speed and stability)
    • Oscillator(MHZ): input 12, according to the onboard crystal.
    • Check "Erase blocks used by Hex File", "Verify after programming" and "Activate Flash Bank";
    • Click "Browse" and select the Hex file for programming.
    • Click "Start" to start programing. (If any error occur, please reconnect the board, reset it, and restart the software.)
      Flash Magic-Open4337-C-1.jpg