Jetson nano case (B)

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Jetson Nano Case (B) Assembly

Hardware requires

Except Jetson Nano case (B), you may need to buy some modules separately.

These porducts should be purchased separately,if you require.


Before assembling, please check the number of components, make sure all of them are included.


buttons connection


1. Take apart core board of Jetson nano developer Kit and assemble wireless-AC 8265 card, connect antennas.


2. Assemble Jetson Nano developer kit back.


3. Mounting Jetson Nano to bottom box of Jetson Nano Case (B)


4. Firstly, insert 40PIN adapter board to 40PIN GPIO of Jetson Nano, then fixing antenna to antenna holes. To fix antenna, we recommend to you add a gasket. Please turn the antenna tightly by spanner.


5. Insert jumper cap to Buttons pins, Take the pins which are close to Camera interface as the first one, you should insert the jumper to last pins. Connect FFC cable of camera to camera interface


6. Assemble Reset button, Component 6 is fixed on button, you should take it out first


7. Insert wires of Reset button to buttons pins, insert it to the third pins. Assemble Fan to Heat sink


8. Assemble Power buttons, insert it to the first pins.


9. Screwing nylon standoffs to Camera. Note that you cannot change it with metal screws, with metal standoffs, camera will damaged because of shorted problem.


10. Fixing camera to Camera holder by nylon screw nuts. Assmeble the case then connect FFC cable to camera


11. Finally, stick Anti-slip rubbers to bottom of case. Connect Antennas