JetBot AI Kit Assemble Manual

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JetBot AI Kit Assembly

Components and screws
Please check the components and screws, Jetson Nano (①) and the SD card (②) are not provided if you buy the Acce version.
JetBot-AI-Kit-Details 013.jpg
1. Assemble motors.
JetBot-Assembly-1.png JetBot-Assembly-2.png
2. Assemble the antennas, the antenna was connected to the wireless card by default.
Cross the antenna through the big round hole and then assemble.
3. Mounting the Camera holder to the metal box, fix the camera to the holder, and don't forget the Acrylic board.
4. Set standoffs on metal box for assembling JetBot expansion board.
5. Set standoffs on jetbot expansion board for assembling jetson nano developer kit.
6. Assemble Jetbot expansion board, and adjust the place of antennas.
Mounting 18650 batteries to the batteries holder, you should check the direction of the batteries according to the stickers.
7. Connect motors to the expansion board, and install two motors to the left and right.
8. Turn out screws from Omni-direction wheels, then fix the wheels to the metal bottom board.
9. Fix the metal board to the metal box.
10. Assemble wheels and fix the Jetson Nano board.
11. Take out the jetson nano board, and assemble wireless-AC 8265.
12. Connect the cooling fan.
13. Finally, install the glue antenna and connect the 6PIN cable according to screen silk printing.
Assembly-13.png JetBot-Assembly-18.png
14. Connect the power adapter to the expansion board and turn the switch to On to power on the Kit.


When you mount or replace the batteries for the first time, you need to connect the power adapter to the expansion board to charge the board for a while to make it work.