How do I know WAVEGO servo is assembled and calibrated properly

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  • Firstly, you need to understand how the servos work. The servos of WAVEGO can be controlled within 180 degrees, and do not need limit blocks as a result of its large torque. However, there is no way to confirm the angular position of the current servo output shaft by appearance as the round-copper gear output shaft can rotate continuously under the external force.

Due to the above reasons, before installing the servo rocker arm, it is necessary to use the driver board of the robot to control the servo to rotate to the middle position of its motion range (180°), and then install the servo rocker arm according to the specified angle. For the specific method and installation angle, please refer to the product WIKI assembly tutorial. The tutorial also includes the servo calibration method. The following describes how to determine whether the product is properly assembled and calibrated, which is convenient for quickly locating the problem.

  • Assemble and calibrate the servo according to the tutorial.
  • Turn on.
  • Use your mobile phone to search for the WIFI hotspot name WAVESHARE Robot and enter the password 1234567890 to connect to the hotspot.
Generally. after the mobile phone is connected to the hotspot, it will prompt that it is not connected to the Internet due to the failure of Ping to the Internet server. The mobile phone may automatically disconnect the hotspot. After reconnecting the hotspot, it will not be automatically disconnected in the future.
  • Open the browser on the mobile phone (Google Chrome is recommended, other browsers may have button compatibility issues), and visit the page
  • The content of the page is as follows. There are two buttons on the page: InitPos and MiddlePos. The former is the middle position of the servo angle during assembly (same as the assembly mode), and the latter is the position of the servo after calibration. After pressing the button, all servos will rotate to the corresponding angle.


  • After pressing the InitPos button, the servo swing angle is as follows. Due to the mechanical structure, an error within ±10° is allowed here (for this reason, the servo needs to be calibrated). If the error is too large, you need to re-install the corresponding servo rocker arm according to the assembly tutorial.


  • After pressing the MiddlePos button, the servo swing angle is as follows. Since this position is the position after software calibration, the error needs to be as small as possible. If the error is larger than the picture, the servo needs to be re-calibrated.