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Install compilation software (windows tutorial)

Open the browser and visit arduinoIDE's official download page, it doesn’t matter if you are not proficient in English, you can switch to Chinese (click to enlarge):
E-paper arduino ide software1.png
Click here to download the software

E-paper arduino ide software2.png

Open the installation software just downloaded, double-click to install, and click next all the way:

E-paper arduino ide software3.png
E-paper arduino ide software4.png
E-paper arduino ide software5.png
E-paper arduino ide software6.png

When the installation is almost complete, the USB driver will pop up to install, click to install

E-paper arduino ide software7.png
E-paper arduino ide software8.png

After the installation is complete, a shortcut is created on the desktop, and the arduino IDE software pops up after double-clicking to open it

LCD arduino ide software9.png