3-CH Relay for Jetson Nano

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3-CH Relay for Jetson Nano
3-CH Relay for Jetson Nano






Quality 3-Ch Relay Expansion Board Designed For Jetson Nano, Optocoupler Isolation.



  • Standard 40PIN GPIO header, directly pluggable onto the Jetson Nano.
  • Incorporate quality relay component, max load: ≤5A 250V AC or ≤5A 30V DC.
  • Optocoupler isolation, prevents interference from the high-voltage circuit.
  • Indicators for monitoring the relay operating status.
  • Control pins of relays are configurable via jumpers.
  • Acrylic bottom panel, isolating the Jetson Nano from the relay expansion board.




The pins which are used for cotnrolling the channle of Relay are listed :

Channel BCM Description
CH1 P21/P16 Channel 1
CH2 P20/P19 Channel 2
CH3 P26/P13 Channel 3

【Note】The silk printing of PCB is based on BCM libraries.


Relay_JMP is a relay control pin selection jumper. When the jumper caps are connected, you can use Raspberry Pi to control the relays.
For example: If you want to stack A and B, then: the jumper caps of board A should be placed at P21, P20, and P26; the jumper caps of board B should be placed at P16, P19, and P13.

Use with Jetson Nano


Download Demo Codes

Open a terminal, download the demo codes, and unzip it.

sudo apt-get install p7zip
wget https://files.waveshare.com/upload/f/f8/3-ch_Realy_for_jetsonnano.7z
7zr x 3-ch_Realy_for_jetsonnano.7z -r -o./3-ch_Realy_for_jetsonnano
cd 3-ch_Realy_for_jetsonnano


Hardware configuration: set the jumpers on D21, D20, and D26 (default setting). Go to the directory 3-ch_Realy_for_jetsonnano and run the following commands:

sudo python test.py

Expect result: The Relay channels onboard are toggled and the LEDs indicate according to the status of the channel. You can press Ctrl+C to stop.

Web Control

The example uses the Python Web framework to control the Relay board.
Open a terminal and run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install python-bottle
cd python-bottle
sudo python main.py

Open a Chrome browser, and go to page [IP of Jetson nano ]:8080.
for example:
Then you can click the icon on the Webpage to troggle the relay.



Demo Codes


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