12.3inch HDMI LCD

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12.3inch HDMI LCD
12.3inch HDMI LCD.png

1920 × 720






  • 12.3-inch IPS screen, 1920 × 720 HD resolution, 600cd/m² brightness.
  • 10-point capacitive touch control, fully laminated tempered glass panel, tempered glass capacitive touch panel, hardness up to 6H.
  • The working temperature range is -20~70℃, and the equipment has a wider application environment.
  • Supports Raspberry Pi OS/Ubuntu/Kali and Retropie when used with Raspberry Pi.
  • When used as a computer monitor, it supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7.
  • When used with Tinker Board 2, it supports Android / Debian.
  • When used with Jetson Nano, Ubuntu is supported.
  • Supports multi-language OSD menu (can be used for power control, adjusting brightness/contrast, etc.).
  • With 3.5mm audio and 4PIN speaker interface, it also supports HDMI audio output.

Featured Design

12.3inch HDMI LCD001.jpg

Working with RPI

Software Setting

Supports Raspberry Pi OS / Ubuntu / Kali and Retropie systems on Raspberry Pi.

Please download the latest version of the image from the Raspberry Pi official website.

1. Download the compressed file to the PC, and extract the img file.
2. Connect the TF card to the PC and use SDFormatter to format the TF card.
3. Open the Win32DiskImager software, select the system image prepared in step 1, and click write to burn the system image.
4. After the programming is completed, open the config.txt file in the root directory of the TF card, add the following code at the end of config.txt and save it. Save and safely eject the TF card, and insert the TF card into the Raspberry Pi.

hdmi_cvt 1920 720 60 6 0 0 0

5. Fasten the LCD to the Raspberry Pi through copper posts. At this time, the 5V and GND of the LCD will be connected to the corresponding GPIO of the Raspberry Pi through the pogo pin for the power supply.
6. After providing 12V for the LCD, you can see that the Raspberry Pi indicator and the LCD backlight light are on. After waiting for a few seconds, you can enter the system screen normally.
Hardware Connection:
12.3inch HDMI LCD02.png

Working with PC

Support PC version Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 system.
1) Connect the 12V power supply to the DC interface of the LCD, and you can see that the LCD backlight is on normally.
2) Connect the TOUCH interface of the LCD to the USB of the PC. After a while, Windows will automatically recognize the touch function.
3) Connect the HDMI interfaces between the LCD and the PC, please wait for a few seconds and you can see the LCD display normally.
Hardware Connection:
12.3inch HDMI LCD04.png

1) When the PC is connected to multiple monitors at the same time, the touch effect works on the main screen by default. If you need to specify the touch to the other screen, see #Calibrate Touch on Win 10 PC.
2) Some PCs do not support plug-and-play with HDMI devices. Generally, they can be used normally after restarting the system.

Calibrate Touch on Win 10 PC

Take the windows10 system as an example:

  • 1. Enter the Windows settings of the system, type in the search bar and click "Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input" (as shown in the picture below)

Win10 touch011.png

  • 2. Click "Setup" in the pop-up "Tablet PC Settings" interface:

Win10 touch02.png

  • 3. The following text prompt will appear on the screen. Please tap the touch screen with your finger, and the computer will recognize it as a touch screen.
【Note】If the touch screen is blank, press the "Enter" key, and the text prompt will switch to the touch screen. (The screen which displays the text prompt will be used as a touch screen!)

Win10 touch03.png

Working with Tinker Board 2

1. Connect the Touch interface of the LCD to the USB interface of Tinker Board 2.
2. Connect the HDMI ports of the LCD to the HDMI port of Tinker Board 2.
3. Connect the 12V power supply to the DC interface of the LCD, and you can see that the LCD backlight is on normally.
4. Power on the Tinker Board 2, wait a few seconds and then enter the system screen normally.
12.3inch HDMI LCD004.png



3D Drawing


Add the following command to /boot/config.txt:


Replace the custom image with the image in this directory /usr/share/plymouth/themes/pix/splash.png.


The maximum brightness of the 12.3inch HDMI LCD is 600cd/m², the working voltage is 12V, and the working current is 1.25A.


Remove the resistor shown in the red box in the figure below, and connect the PWM signal cable to the right pad of the resistor.

12.3inch HDMI LCD pwm.png



It depends on the system, if the system has hibernation, the screen will also be black. If it is the official system of Raspberry Pi, the default is about ten minutes without action to have hibernation.



Test environment: 2022-04-04-raspios-bullseye-armhf 32-bit system
Supported models: Support Waveshare DSI LCD, DPI LCD and HDMI LCD capacitive touch screen series.

Software Installation

wget https://www.waveshare.com/w/upload/1/18/Evdev-right-click-emulation.zip
unzip Evdev-right-click-emulation.zip
cd evdev-right-click-emulation
sudo apt install build-essential libevdev2 libevdev-dev
cd 'evdev-right-click-emulation'
sudo cp 'out/evdev-rce' '/usr/local/bin/'
sudo chmod +x '/usr/local/bin/evdev-rce'

Enter the command:

sudo evdev-rce

After running, you can touch and long press to realize the right-click function.

Set IP

sudo usermod -G 'input' -a pi
echo 'uinput' | sudo tee -a /etc/modules
sudo nano  /etc/udev/rules.d/99-uinput.rules

Add in 99-uinput.rules file.

KERNEL=="uinput", MODE="0660", GROUP="input"

save it and run it in the terminal.

sudo udevadm control --reload-rules
sudo udevadm trigger

Then reboot:

sudo reboot

Run after reboot (no sudo needed at this point)


After running, you can touch and long press to realize the right-click function.

Set Startup

Enter the terminal

sudo mkdir ~/.config/autostart
sudo nano ~/.config/autostart/right_click.desktop

Add the following in right_click.desktop.

[Desktop Entry]
GenericName=Enable long-press-to-right-click gesture
Exec=env LONG_CLICK_INTERVAL=1000 LONG_CLICK_FUZZ=200  /usr/local/bin/evdev-rce
#If you want to modify the sensitivity, you can modify the size of the two parameters, LONG_CLICK_INTERVAL=1000 LONG_CLICK_FUZZ=200.



Technical Support

If you need technical support or have any feedback/review, please click the Submit Now button to submit a ticket, Our support team will check and reply to you within 1 to 2 working days. Please be patient as we make every effort to help you to resolve the issue.
Working Time: 9 AM - 6 AM GMT+8 (Monday to Friday)