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Login the router

  • Connect the router to your PC by network cable, open a browser in PC and navigate to login with the default user/password (admin/admin).

SIM8200 5G route(3).png

Connect to 5G

  • Login the router->Network -> 4G/5G network. If you connect the 5G successfully, the status will change and the network type should be NR5G;

SIM8200 5G route(2).png

Enable the Hotspot

  • Hotspot->SSID-> open 2.4G hotspot->apply

SIM8200 5G route(1).png

AT command debugging

  • Debug->CMD->terminal->Send AT command and the network of the router is disconnected.

Note that you should disable the debug function after finishing the debugging.
SIM8200 5G route(4).png