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Sample program introduction


Low-level hardware interface


The Bluetooth module initialization function mainly judges whether the Bluetooth module is successfully connected to the mobile phone, whether the notify function is enabled, querying the baud rate of the Bluetooth module,judges whether it is in low power mode, name, address, and modifying the name of the module

void BLE_Init()

Execute and process BLE commands

uint8_t Cmd_Process(uint8_t *data)
    data: the address of the command pointer to send

Transparent transmission receiving function, what data the mobile phone sends to the module, the module receives and returns the same data through this function

void UART_RX()     Query receive
void UART_RX_IRQ() Interrupt receive

Parameter modification


#define UART_ID uart0       Pico serial port selection
#define BAUD_RATE 115200    Serial port baud rate selection
#define DATA_BITS 8         Serial port data bits
#define STOP_BITS 1         Serial port data stop bits
#define PARITY UART_PARITY_NONE  Whether the serial port performs parity check
#define UART_TX_PIN 0       Pico serial port TX pin selection
#define UART_RX_PIN 1       Pico serial port RX pin selection
#define BLE_MODE_PIN 15     Bluetooth module status detection pin

Module command


For specific use, please refer to the user manual provided by us